Custom MARVEL Hardcover Editions

So yeah. I’ve taken a serious amount of MARVEL comics and meticulously assorted them into a proper reading order, then paid professionals to make them into customized omnibus editions. Sewn, not glued. Sturdy editions that will last until long after I’m dead.

So what’s the reading order? I’ll put that up sometime soon. But know that the order begins around 2000-2001. There was an editorial change at MARVEL, and instead of relying on popular characters to sell books, MARVEL shelled out the cash for some critically acclaimed writers to put out some critically acclaimed material. And it worked, marvelously well. Because so many great stories began around this time, I’ve picked this era to begin this glorious collection.

I didn’t come to this decision lightly, though. I tortured myself for months researching and skimming various storylines before centering on this point in time. I had to. I was planning on having a hardback volume commissioned with a big 1 on the spine, so I had better be sure it was a damn good jumping on point.


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